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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Georgia Meets Ophelia Photography.

Georgia and Ophelia Photography. met and made some magic. My little girl was quite the  little natural in front of camera but did make us work to get the perfect shots. She has a mind of her own (remember she was 12 days over due!)  and really is the boss in front of the camera. These are some of the most amazing baby photos you will ever look at ( not bias at all)

This is my Favorite Shot.. Her big Yawn

This is Russell's Favorite shot.. He loves her big Navy Blue Eyes

This is the money shot...She didn't like the all the movement and body placement but we managed to get her settled into this position.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hometown Hottie

Check out http://www.maxim.com/hotties/hotties-voting.html and VOTE for Katrina!! 

Ophelia Photography. and I did this shoot back in November 2009. I am so stoked for Katrina and have been voting everyday and encourage everyone else too!!
Voting ends on Monday March 22 so lets get her to the finals and win this thing!!

Baby Makes Three

Meet Georgia Riley Macklem... My beautiful daughter was welcomed into the world February 17,2010 at 9:25 am weighing in at 7.10 lbs. It's hard to believe that she is a month old tomorrow, I guess the saying "time flies" was first said by a mom.

It's been a bit of a challenge to blog and be a new mom but I promised I would try to at least once a week (something I haven't held up to).
I'm going to do my best to keep to my word and because I spend almost all of my time with Georgia, she will be the next features of my blog.. I'm going to blog a bit more about motherhood until I get my projects going. 

Motherhood has been amazing so far..I think Amazing is my favorite word since Georgia came. She is a true blessing..so calm, relaxed and happy. She eats and sleeps a ton but when she is awake(which is more and more everyday) she is so calm and focused. Georgia will stare at pretty much everything around and take it in with curiosity. She has got to be one of the loudest sleepers I have ever met.. She has so many noises grunts and groans the are followed by a few head tosses..not sure what side she wants to sleep on. It is so funny and amusing to watch during awake hours but when your trying to sleep it can be a bit tough..So she is in her crib now..which was a hard transition..but best for the household. 

Here are some pictures of her first few weeks..

 After her first Bath..Very Awake

Our first Family Photo

                                                         Proud Papa Russell

                                         Auntie Amy.. Couldn't have done it without her!

Georgia's very specials visitors came all the way from Vancouver Jake and Evelyn (Evelyn from Denver but visiting Vancouver) Spent the morning with us then back to Van for the 3pm Ferry. 

 A little smile..or gas..but I like to think they are all smiles :)

                                                      Nap time with dad..

I finally got a photo with her a few weeks later.. it's hard trying to get a good shot holding a baby..

My next post will be of Georgia's very first photo shoot with Auntie Lisa of Ophelia Photography.