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I believe that makeup changes like our moods and how we feel is how we choose to express ourselves. The best part about my job is helping a client feel beautiful and confidant. My style is Fresh, Flawless and Naturally You. I am a Victoria based Makeup Artist specializing in the fields of Bridal, Boudoir and Editorial.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Irene and Jeffrey

Irene and Jeffrey were married on August 1,2010 at Brentwood Bay lodge here in Victoria.
I arrived early Sunday morning at the Lodge to get started on Irene and her lovely ladies. 
It was hard to believe that it was already her wedding day because Irene was my VERY first makeup after Georgia was born back in March. It's that time flying on us again!
The ladies all had fresh skin with a glow, satins, creams, pinks and golds with black liner and false lashes.
Irene went softer on her eye makeup for the Tea and Wedding Ceremonies. I went back out to the lodge in the evening to give her a bit more drama to go with her smoking hot purple dress.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mallory and Kyle

A lifetime in the making July 31,2010.. Mallory and Kyle's wedding day.

Timeless, elegant and classic
Man oh man what a babe!! I just have to say it.. For the title of MUSE I think Mallory falls right under it. Most would say she is quite and a bit shy but when that camera is on her she is confidant, chic and exquisite. 

I usually post about my experience of the morning, themes and colours but these photos literally left me speechless. 
Lisa out did herself again, finding a way to blow our socks off. Capturing the pure beauty of Port Alberni on a hot summers day with breathtaking backdrops and beautiful people. The photos speak for themselves: the girls all sculpted, highlighted and stunning and the boys distinguished, tailored, sharp

This is the comment left on Mallory's preview picture on my Facebook page.. 
"I can't believe that's my wife"~Kyle Luchinsk

You two are the true definition of true love.. Thank you for having me part of your magical day and allowing me to share it with all the hopeless romantics out there.

Sarah's Vintage Blanket 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy 6th Months Chiclet

Today is the halfway mark of my little girl Georgia.. Hard to believe 6 months has come and gone..
So this is a little shout out to my amazing chiclet who has been nothing but a blessing in my life. She has allowed me to follow my passions since the moment she arrived and I am so thankful for her everyday.

Sarah and Will

I arrived to a very calm and surprisingly quite house the morning of July 24,2010 or now known as Sarah and Will's Wedding Day. The girls Sarah, Jamie, Jess and Julie were just finishing up their breakfast, trying to figure out what last minute touches needed to be done outside. Sarah's parents hosted the entire wedding right in their beautiful backyard in Port Alberni. Looking out to the left were white chairs with purple ribbons lined for the ceremony and to the right were white tents and tables for the reception. The center pieces local wild flowers filled the living area giving off a soft floral scent. For having the house as ground zero it was hard to believe that it could be that tranquil.
Makeup started with mom Patti who was a skeptic at first never having her makeup done before and being a last minute addition.. I promised her that it would be the best version of her. It was soft browns and creams, light foundation and powders and a final pop with false lashes. In the end it seems that thumbs up were flying around the room.. I continued on with Julie a good friend, and sisters Jamie and Jess.
Lots of liner with hues of mauve, pearly pinks and champagnes, glowing contoured skin and Viva Glams V&VI were the days theme.
When it finally came Sarah's time the house had begun to stir with the arrival of the boys (Will waiting outside of course) Sarah needed her last minutes quite before getting into her dress and seeing her husband to be, so it became my job to return the calm.. Lisa and Sarah had a good laugh at my amazing skill as a bouncer.. But as a makeup artist I find it very important to have the stillness required for perfect lining and definition.

~Sarah you are one breathtaking bride.. May you and Will have a life time of happiness!

~~A special thanks to my talented friend Lisa Gratton (Ophelia Photography) for use of her incredible captures.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


 A quick mention to Shea. 
I did a makeup lesson with Shea and her mom before her big day in July. I had prior engagements the day of but was so happy I could be of some use.

She was super cool, down to earth and natural and it was so much fun helping her become a bride: A natural glow (Tinted moisturizer and Soft and Gentle Skinfinish).. Fluidliner to line the lashes to make them fuller and loads of mascara for her amazing eye lashes and a touch of pink/peach to bring out those stunning blue eyes.
She looked absolutely stunning in her vintage pale pink dress that blended in with her ivory skin and beautiful blond hair.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

MAD MEN and Babes

It finally happened again.. I got back in front of a camera and I have to say it was pretty awesome.. Since becoming a mom I don't get a ton of time for these sorts of things. Weddings keep me busy and are my away time from Georgia..No complaining but I guess I didn't realize how nice it was to turn off my brain and pose.. 
Other than my maternity shoot I haven't been in front of the camera in a year+..
We met at Sarah's store while in Port Alberni, as Sarah held Georgia I got to playing around with all of her amazing vintage outfits..Came across the green dress and from that moment the shoot was created. With the help of all three of us Lisa, Sarah and myself we put together two amazing outfits right down to the shoes.
We shot at sunset which I have now learned is the best time for lighting and as we finished Russ and Georgia showed up and I got a few STUNNING photos of my little family.. I'm so lucky to have such a talented friend who gives me memories for a life time. I can't wait to get those developed and start my very fist Ophelia Album.

Since this was a 60's inspired shoot I decided to keep the makeup clean, contoured, soft and beautiful. Women in the 60's were very detailed, tailored and done up. 

Thanks again Sarah for allowing us to ransack your store to get all the right pieces..I can't wait for my next visit!! 
Sarah Williams at GT Antiques (250) 723-9288 4943 Argyle St, Port Alberni, BC or visit her online at her Etsy Shop , Adorn Atelier and Facebook.